#335: Kyra Bobinet, MD – Systems, Dietary Behaviour Change & the Iterative Mindset

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Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH

Dr. Bobinet received her Masters in Public Health at Harvard University, specializing in Healthcare Management, Technology-enabled Behavior Change, and Population Health Management. She received her medical degree from the UCSF School of Medicine. She has also studied in Dr. BJ Fogg’s Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford.

Kyra has founded several healthcare start-ups, spanning behavior health, population health, and mobile health. She has designed behavior change programs, big data algorithms, billion dollar products, mobile health apps, and evidence-based studies in metabolic medicine.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The Iterative Mindset
  • Behaviour change techniques that have evidence of efficacy for dietary change
  • How identity impacts one's ability to successfully make changes
  • We need some motivation, but lots of systems
  • Maintaining habits when schedule or environment or other anchors are thrown off
  • The Self-report Habit Index

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