SNR #248: Kyra Bobinet, MD – Behaviour Change Through Design Thinking

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Guest Bio

Kyra Bobinet, MD

When it comes to health engagement, Dr. Bobinet has 5 words of advice: be caring, authentic, and useful. As the CEO-founder of engagedIN, Kyra devotes her life to helping people crack the code of how, what, and especially, WHY we engage.

Kyra has founded several healthcare start-ups, spanning behavior health, population health, and mobile health. She has designed behavior change programs, big data algorithms, billion dollar products, mobile health apps, and evidence-based studies in mind-body and metabolic medicine. All of her designs, whether for at-risk teens or seniors, are rooted in the belief that true caring is our greatest value.

Dr. Bobinet teaches at Stanford School of Medicine on patient engagement and empowerment, and health design with Dr. Larry Chu, founder of MedicineX. She has studied in Dr. BJ Fogg’s Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford, whom she credits as the founder of “behavior design”.

Dr. Bobinet received her Masters in Public Health at Harvard University, specializing in Healthcare Management, Technology-enabled Behavior Change, and Population Health Management. She received her medical degree from the UCSF School of Medicine.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • What design thinking is, in relation to behaviour change
  • Not letting a failure/lack of progress lead to abandonment of trying
  • Modifying eating habits and behaviours
  • Dealing with deeply embedded “programs” that subciously affect our ability to change
  • Negative self-image in the fitness industry
  • Motivation in the behaviour change process
  • Those who self-doubt what they can achieve: “oh other people can do that, but I wouldn’t be able to”

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