#327: David Dunne – Behavioural Science in Nutrition

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David Dunne

David’s a Performance Nutritionist with a track record in developing and delivering nutrition programmes to elite athletes, teams, Olympians and sports legends – all over the globe.

He has worked in elite sport with PGA Tour golfers and various teams including Harlequins (rugby union), Bradford Bulls (rugby league) and Queens Park Rangers (soccer).

David is currently completing PhD out of Liverpool Johns Moores University in the UK, doing research on digital media & behaviour change interventions in sports nutrition. David is the CEO of Hexis.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The primary barriers to implementation for athletes
  • Actually building in behavioural change models into your planning
  • Behaviour change wheel
  • COM-B model which posits that capability (physical and psychological), opportunity (social and physical), and motivation (reflective and automatic) drive behaviour
  • How to develop capability, opportunity and motivation in relation to a specific behaviour
  • What types of interventions or techniques are shown to have efficacy?
  • Social media use for nutrition practitioners: how to ensure use of social media is actually effective
  • Examples from practice of interventions that created change in behaviour and outcomes

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