#326: Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD – Adaptability & Autonomy in the Nutrition Coaching Process

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Guest Information


Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD

Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon is a former university professor and researcher who now designs curriculum for Precision Nutrition.

She focuses on helping people make meaningful change through the Precision Nutrition Coaching and coaching Certification programs.

Krista is also the author or co-author of several books, with the latest being Why Me Want Eat: Fixing Your Food Fuckedupitude.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Not mistaking the metrics for the goals
  • The value of client autonomy in the coaching process
  • Challenges for nutritionists and coaches in adapting to new situations
  • Krista's work in nutrition curriculum design
  •  The fallacy of thinking clients should emulate their coaches
  • Untapped resources and often underutilised tools that nutrition professionals don’t make enough use of

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