#311: Andrew Chappell, PhD – Diet Strategies in Elite Natural Bodybuilders

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Guest Bio

Andrew Chappell, PhD

Dr. Andrew Chappell is a Lecturer/Researcher at Robert Gordon University, conducting research in sports nutrition, with a specific focus on bodybuilding.

Andrew is also a world-class natural bodybuilder with an unprecendented level of national and international success; having 2 Pro Cards and 6 British titles to his name. Andrew also has judged physique contests for over 7 years and has judged at British and World Finals.

Andrew holds a PhD from the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health. He also holds a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a MSc in Human Nutrition and Metabolism.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Off-season vs. on-season considerations
  • Aspects unique to natural bodybuilding
  • Distinguishing between elite and non-elite competitors is difficult
  • Andrew’s study: they compared nutritional strategies of male and female British elite PRO and AMA bodybuilders preparing for competition
  • Differences between elite pros and amateurs in calorie, macronutrient, size of deficit and diet duration length
  • Low energy availability (EA) in bodybuilders
  • Recommended diet startegies for the natural bodybuilder

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