#307: Stephan Guyenet, PhD – Are Popular Nutrition & Health Books Trustworthy, Accurate & Health-Promoting?

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Guest Bio

Stephan Guyenet, PhD

Stephan Guyenet is an obesity researcher, neurobiologist, and author. In addition to his research, he enjoys synthesizing and communicating science for a general audience over at his hugely successful blog.

Stephan has a PhD in neurobiology (University of Washington). He is the author of ‘The Hungry Brain’, which dives into the causes of obesity from the perspective of overeating and related brain chemistry.

He is also the founder of Red Pen Reviews, a site that uses a structured expert review method to deliver the most informative, consistent, and unbiased nutrition/health book reviews available.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • What is Red Pen Reviews?
  • The problem of current media incentive structures
  • How does the RPR method work?
  • Semi-quantifying scientific accuracy, reference accuracy, healthfulness
  • Stephan’s favourite “most unusual claim” in the books reviewed so far

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