#300: The Random Episode

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Sigma Nutrition Radio has reached the 300th episode! To mark the occassion, Patreon supporters of the podcast and subscribers to the Sigma Synopsis email were able to submit questions about anything they wished.

In this episode, Gar Benn joins me to go through some of the questions submitted.

This episode focuses on all the random questions submitted about a range of things, from my schedule to religion to career highlights to living in Ireland, and everything in between!

Any nutrition-related questions will be covered in a separate episode.

Questions Answered:

  • Which one of your Podcasts changed your way of thinking towards nutrition the most?
  • For your own nutrition, what have you done in the past that looking back you're like ''what was I thinking...''? ie. totally not evidence based/ bro science/ etc
  • With such a curiosity and thirst for knowledge, do you ever struggle with prioritizing, not only "what should I dig into a bit deeper at the expense of something else" but also balancing with life outside nutrition science i.e socialising, taking a break etc.
  • What are the best and worst elements of a) living in Ireland and b) being Irish?
  • What's the highlight of your career thus far?
  • Would you ever consider a vegan diet? Why/why not?
  • What’s your long term career plan?
  • How do you react to failure? What do you do when things don’t go to plan? Thanks.
  • As unconformity rises with modern medicine, more people are turning into more ancient healing methods. What is your take in eastern medicine and the use of Sacred Plants for psychotherapy and other illnesses?
  • Are you religious? What are your thoughts on religion and science?
  • How did you manage your routine of study, writing articles, podcast, whatever... How did you manage your personal schedule?
  • What was the most fascinating and interesting person you had at your podcast and why?
  • What are your thoughts on multi level marketing companies and the distributors that work for them selling their “magic potion?”
  • Outside of training and knowledge etc how much do you think growing athletes/clients self-belief plays a role in success.
  • They say you can only join the dots when looking backwards. Looking at your career so far what are some of the key dots, decisions that have had the biggest impact on you? Would you do anything different and if so why?
  • Why and 'how' did you start your blog/podcast? Could you give some advice for people who want to start a blog and a podcast?
  • I'm currently a tax accountant, but chose that profession on bad information and financial pressure. What gives my life energy is nutrition, resistance training, just all things fitness. How do I transition from the financial industry to the health and nutrition industry? I would love to be a researcher and run studies but I'm afraid that my window has passed.

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