#292: Prof. Alexandra Johnstone, PhD – Appetite Control, Satiety & Diet Interventions

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Guest Bio

Alexandra Johnstone, PhD

Prof. Alexandra Johnstone is recognized as a leading innovative UK researcher within the field of human appetite control and specifically, the role of dietary protein. She is a Professor at The Rowett Institute at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

She has published an extensive list of studies to assess the impact of diets on the body and the mind and to investigate how different meals and drinks affect our appetite, health and wellbeing.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • How does protein intake, dose, distribution & source impact appetite?
  • Common foods in our food system = not ideal for controlling appetite.
  • Thinking about overall diets vs. single nutrients
  • Bottom-up & Top-down interventions for impacting satiety & caloric intake
  • Is it possible to make population-wide changes to alter average caloric intake?
  • The use of ‘nudging’ to make population shifts in diet choices

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