UEBC 19 Lecture: Circadian Eating

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UEBC 19 Lecture: Circadian Eating

WATCH: Danny Lennon’s “Circadian Eating” Lecture

At the Ultimate Evidence-based Conference (UEBC) in Melbourne, Australia, I presented on the topic of circadian biology and chrononutrition. The amazing hosts, Jacob & Sam, kindly agreed to my request to make the lecture available for free, which I’m grateful for. You can get access at the button below and by submitting an email address.

Lecture Overview:

Circadian biology plays a fundamental role in human health. Research has shown that nutrient ingestion can impact our “body clocks” in peripheral tissues around the body, suggesting that when we eat our meals can have implications for health via influencing circadian rhythms.

In addition, it has been hypothesized that having a restricted feeding window (time-restricted feeding) can have beneficial impacts on body composition and health, likely via circadian effects at least in some part. A related hypothesis suggests that the distribution of calories over the day (majority eaten early vs. late) can also have health impacts.

In this presentation, we will explore the mechanisms, current literature and pragmatic implications of this for how we should eat for optimal health. This will include discussions around hot topics like circadian biology, time-restricted feeding, fasting, eating patterns in shift workers and what all this means for the notion that as long as daily macronutrient targets are met, details like timing don’t matter.