#288: Ted Ryce: Meditation, Communication & Understanding Behaviours

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Guest Bio

Ted Ryce

Ted is an online coach and podcaster. He has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, with much of that spent as a sought-after personal trainer in Miami, Florida. During his coaching career he has worked with a variety of clients including Fortune 500 CEOs and celebrities, including Richard Branson and Robert Downey Jr. In more recent years he has continued to coach people online whilst being based in several different locations around the world.

Ryce’s goal in all of his efforts has been to help other people lead better, more fulfilling lives—legendary lives. Through his podcast, his coaching and his other projects, he has reached thousands of people and helped them achieve their goals.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • The forgotten factors that prevenet people sticking to nutrition/health habits?
  • Finding out the underlying reasons why we make certain lifestyle decisiosns
  • Client-coach communication
  • Ted’s experiences with meditation
  • Different forms of mediatation
  • How interventions outside of nutrition and training can be the key to success

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