#276: Nick Gant, PhD – Neurometabolism: Brain Function, Fatigue & Nutritient Interventions

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Guest Bio

Nick Gant, PhD

Nick Gant is Director of the Exercise Neurometabolism Laboratory at the University of Auckland.

His group uses interdisciplinary approaches from the nutritional sciences and neurosciences to investigate the role of nutrition in brain health and performance. Nick is particularly interested in foods and supplements that prevent brain fatigue and improve physical and cognitive function.

His research is currently funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand, the Health Research Council of New Zealand, and several industrial partnerships. He partners with clinicians and dieticians within the NZ Centre for Brain Research and provides scientific and educational support for elite athletes, government and military organisations

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Understanding fatigue
  • Hypoxia-induced decrements in cognitive performance
  • Role of caffeine and stimulants in "rescuing" performance in high-fatigue/high-stress states
  • Creatine for cognitive function and brain health
  • Potential for creatine mitigating traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Can ketones aid in mitigating traumatic brain injury?
  • Thoughts on cognitive impact of nicotine
  • CHO mouth rinsing: proposed mechanism of action

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