SNR #247: John Kiely – Scepticism, Cognitive Bias & Applying Science to Practice

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Guest Bio

John Kiely

John is Senior Lecturer in Elite Performance at the Institute of Coaching & Performance at the University of Central Lancashire. He has published a long list of peer-reviewed work, notably on stress and periodization, and is well known for questioning conventional dogmas withing strength & conditioning literature and practice.

John’s career within sport has been relatively varied, having experienced life as an international competitor, coach, sports scientist and strength and conditioning specialist.¬†He has been the head of S&C at UK athletics, a S&C coach to Olympic medallists & world champions, as well as working with teams at both Rugby & Soccer World Cups.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Issues translating research into practice
  • How is a critical thinking mindset fostered/developed/trained?
  • Scepticism vs. nihilism
  • Cognitive bias: pitfalls for coaches or practitioners

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