SNR #246: Jamie Pugh, PhD – Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Athletes

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Guest Bio

Jamie Pugh, PhD

Jamie Pugh is a post-doctoral research at Liverpool John Moores University. During his PhD and current work, he has looked at the effect exercise can have on the gastrointestinal system and in more recent work, looked at the effects probiotic supplementation can have on endurance athletes. He has also worked as a consultant nutritionist and physiologist for a number of professional teams and extreme endurance athletes.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • The range and severity of symptoms athletes experience
  • Causes of symptoms: physiological, mechanical and nutritional
  • Individual variation in susceptibility to symptoms
  • Lack of association between gut “damage” and symptoms experienced
  • GI distress outside of endurance sport
  • Maximal rates of glucose ingestion: higher than previously thought?
  • Effect of glutamine supplementation
  • Effect of probiotic supplementation
  • Effect of low FODMAP diets
  • Practical steps for practitioners and athletes to mitigate risk

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