SNR #245: Artin Entezarjou, MD – Simplifying Science & Interpreting Research

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Guest Bio

Artin Entezarjou, MD

Artin is a medical doctor, currently completing his intern rotations at Helsingborg Hospital, Sweden. He is also currently completing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in eVisits in Primary Care.

Outside of medicine, Artin co-founded EBT (Evidence Based Training), a brand dedicated to making science on health, fitness and nutrition digestible and understandable to the public, mostly through Instagram, but also their blog.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • What it means to simplify science
  • How to have a discussion, levels of argument
  • Study types: expert opinions, observational, experimental.
  • Reading studies: what to be looking out for
  • Translating research into practice
  • Understanding statistics in research: p-value, confidence intervals

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