SNR #231: Hugh Gilmore – Applied Sport Psychology Strategies

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Guest Bio

Hugh Gilmore, MSc.

Hugh is currently with the English Institute of Sport working as the Performance Psychologist to the British Weightlifting team. Hugh worked with these lifters in the lead-up to the most recent Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

Hugh has a MSc. in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology. And is accredited by The Irish Institute of sport and soon to be officially conferred by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES).

Hugh has also worked with high-level athletes across a number of other sports, including All-Ireland winners, World Champions & Olympians.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Misconceptions among athletes as to the role of sport psychology
  • False consensus bias
  • Pseudoscience in psychology vs. evidence-based practice
  • Enhancing athlete confidence
  • Model of perceived demands, perceived resources and perceived importance
  • Achieving optimal arousal for performance: how psyched up should you get?
  • Differences in external factors in competition vs. training
  • Why being positive when setting goals can actually be a bad thing!

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