SNR #219: Arthur Lynch – How We Were Wrong, Mistakes Made & Lessons Learned

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Guest Bio

Arthur Lynch, PhD (candidate)

Arthur Lynch is a exercise physiology researcher currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Limerick. His current research focuses on the role of HMB supplementation on hypertrophy and strength performance in well-trained individuals.

Arthur is an accomplished drug-free powerlifter, representing Ireland at the last two IPF World Championships and heading there again this year. He is current Irish Powerlifting Ferderation national champion in the -93kg class.

Arthur coaches online here at Sigma Nutrition, working with powerlifters of all levels.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Errors we have made in the past with our thinking, beliefs and practices
  • “Fake” science and mis-use of the term “evidence-based”
  • Logical fallacies
  • Misconceptions about nutrition, HIIT vs LISS, manual therapy and movement.
  • Being wrong isn’t bad, it’s how your respond that matters

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