The Sigma Powerlifting Performance Coaching service is for raw, drug-free powerlifters who want a comprehensive service to give them the optimal roadmap to achieving their best total on the platform.

Our powerlifting programming is overseen by Sigma head powerlifting coach & exercise scientist, Arthur Lynch. Arthur is an exercise physiology PhD researcher and international-level competitive lifter in the IPF. Arthur brings the perfect blend of scientific understanding of lifting performance and the experience

  • Weekly check-in via Skype or email with coach Arthur
  • Unlimited email access to your coach
  • Initial technique assessment and “weak points” analysis
  • Completely customized, “from scratch” programming, which is modified weekly
  • Long-term periodization (macrocycle) planning
  • Meet day strategy development: tapering, attempt selection, meet day game plan, etc.
  • Personalized weight cutting strategies, if appropriate
  • Access to monthly guest workshops from experts in training, nutrition, sports psychology & physical therapy

Arthur Lynch – Head of Sigma Powerlifting Program

  • PhD candidate in muscle physiology
  • Lifetime raw, drug-free powerlifter
  • Represented Ireland at 2016 IPF World Championships in u-93kg open class
  • Best lifts in competition: 250kg squat, 170kg bench, 300kg deadlift (all raw) @ ~90kg BW

Online Powelifting Coaching


Per Week
  • customized program design
  • Meet day strategy development
  • Video technique assessment
  • Access to Expert Workshops
  • Submit Questions to Coach Directly
  • Weekly Skype Call with coach
  • Unlimited Email Access to Coach

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