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Brent Pottenger, MD – “Thinkering” and Imagining the Future of Medicine (#19)

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Brent Pottenger, MD

Dr. Pottenger is a physician at Napa State Hospital and completed med school at Johns Hopkins University (note: Brent was still in med school at the time of this recording). He also has a Master of Health Administration at University of Southern California (USC).

In this episode we discuss:

  • What an “epistomecrat” is
  • Brent’s m=1/n=1 “thinkering” concept
  • The importance of paying attention to individuals & biochemical individuality
  • The possible routes to improving current healthcare practice
  • Can we bridge the gap between prevention and medical treatment
  • The best piece of advice Brent ever received

Links & Resources

  1. Brent’s blog: Healthcare Epistemocrat
  2. Brent’s Twitter page
  3. Ancestral Health Society
  4. Seth Roberts


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