SNR #183: Arthur Lynch & Eoghan McNeill – Sports Psychology in Self-Paced/Closed-Skill Sports

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Episode 183: Sigma coach Arthur Lynch interviews sport psychology PhD researcher Eoghan McNeill of the University of Limerick on applying evidence-based sports psychology techniques to improve performance, particularly in powerlifting and other self-paced/closed skill sports.

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Guest Bio

Eoghan McNeill

Eoghan is a PhD researcher in the PESS department at the Univeristy of Limerick. Eoghan’s research examines improving performance in self-paced sports (focusing on golf) through psychology techniques and mental preparation. Eoghan has a MSc. in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Ulster University, Jordanstown (UUJ). Eoghan can be contacted at

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Pre-performance routine and the importance of conscious thought
  • Use of first-person and third-person imagery for performance and skill acquisition
  • Effective self-talk
  • Thought replacement strategy and reframing negative thoughts

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