SNP6: The GRADE System: What is it? And How Does it Apply to Nutrition?

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This is the second episode in a new series called “Nutrition Science Explained”, in which members of the Sigma team will take a concept commonly mentioned in discussions about nutrition science, and explain what it is, give more background context, and highlight important aspects to know. The goal is to aid listeners to have a deeper understanding of other episodes when such concepts are mentioned.

In this episode Alan Flanagan discusses the concept of the GRADE system, and specifially how it applies to evaluating nutrition research and coming to conclusions for practice.

GRADE (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluations) is a framework for developing and presenting summaries of evidence and provides a systematic approach for grading the quality of evidence and making clinical practice recommendations.


Alan Flanagan, PhD

  • PhD in nutrition & chronobiology
  • MSc. in Nutritional Medicine
  • Research Communication Officer, Sigma Nutrition

Alan researches for, and creates, content in both written and audio content. He has authored a number of Sigma Statements on the site, as well as regularly co-hosting several podcast episodes.

Alan completed his PhD in nutrition at the University of Surrey, and he has a Masters in Nutritional Medicine from the same institution. Alan is the founder of Alinea Nutrition, where he delivers an evidence-based analysis of key issues in nutrition science. Aimed at healthcare professionals, with the goal of developing a greater ability to understand and assess nutrition research.

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