#427: Jacob Schepis – Evidence-Based Coaching: Desirable Goal or Unattainable Burden for Fitness Professionals?

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It’s never been more popular to be seen as “evidence-based” as a fitness professional. And indeed evidence-based practice has been seen as the best way to arrive at coaching decisions. But is “evidence-based practice” actually what fitness professionals are doing? Is it even attainable for most coaches? Does it create a burden on them? Does it even matter if you’re actually reading reserach or not? What makes for a competent personal trainer?

In this episode, Jacob Schepis is on the show to discuss all these questions and to discuss how he feels evidence-based practice fits within a framework of coaching and coach development.

Guest Information

Jacob Schepis

Jacob Schepis is the owner & director of JPS Health & Fitness. Working in the fitness industry for over 8 years, Jacob’s wealth of knowledge coupled with his experience in the trenches has led him to become one of Melbourne’s most sought out trainers.

His role extends far beyond working with his beloved clients, to now mentoring aspiring personal trainers, holding workshops and seminars, and writing for the nations personal training governing body, Physical Activity Australia.


  • How evidence based practice fits within a framework of coaching and coach development
  • The role of “evidence” in coaching
  • The implications of scientism for fitness pros
  • Is there a fear of not citing studies?
  • Why evidence-based is rarely achievable in reality of PTs, coaches and fit pros.


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