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SNR #36: James Hanley – Auto-regulation Dieting, Dogsh*t Deadlifts & Eating Frogs

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SNR #36: James Hanley – Auto-regulation Dieting, Dogsh*t Deadlifts & Eating Frogs

Episode 36: James Hanley of Revolution Fitness is on the show to talk about the importance of getting strong first, the fundamentals of good nutrition, carb cycling, good vs. poor coaching, and the true meaning of being healthy and “living life”.

Guest Bio

James Hanley

James is the man behind Revolution Fitness. RevFit has two facilities in Dublin, offering semi-private strength training that “turns dudes into bad looking motherf*ckers and makes girls hot”. He’s been hanging around the fitness industry since 2006 as a powerlifter and powerlifting coach and finally got so pissed off with the state of affairs in 2012 that he opened his own gym to show people the “secrets” that other coaches don’t know.

James holds several national drug free powerlfiting records and was the Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Associations overall points champion in 2010. He was the 2013 IPO National Champion at 90kg. His favorite thing to do in the gym is to start lifting and find some way “to turn off that little switch in your head which tells you when to stop”.

Outside of the gym you can find him tormenting his long standing girlfriend, reading and eating pretty much all the time.

In this show we discuss:

  • The major turning points that shaped James’ journey to this point
  • Why strength is the foundational piece for all other attributes – The importance of getting strong first
  • Nutritional principles and some easy hacks to prevent you going off track
  • Carb cycling and auto-regulation dieting protocols James has used with clients
  • Why the number of good coaches in the whole country is in single figures
  • The difference between poor, average and great coaching
  • What does healthy really mean? Could getting strong make you unhealthy?
  • What it means to truly live life

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