#336: Ethics of Veganism & Omnivorism (Part 1) – Andrew Chignell, PhD

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Prof. Andrew Chignell

Andrew Chignell is a professor at Princeton, with appointments in Religion, Philosophy, and the University Center for Human Values. He was previously an associate professor at Cornell and a professor at University of Pennsylvania. He received his PhD from Yale.

Chignell’s work to date focuses on Immanuel Kant and other modern European philosophers, philosophy of religion, the moral psychology of hope and despair, and the ethics of belief. He also has an interest in food ethics, and recently co-produced (with Will Starr at Cornell) a Massive Open Online Course on “The Ethics of Eating” for EdX.org.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Practical vs. theoretical reasoning
  • What constitutes "unnecessary suffering"?
  • Peter Singer & utilitarianism
  • Kantian ethics: self-awareness, rationality, autonomy
  • Rationality and Autonomy: humans vs. non-human animals
  • Thoughts on the "ethical omnivore" movement &
    regenerative agriculture
  • Speciesism
  • Are there forms of killing animals that are not immoral to vegans?
  • “Is it immoral of Danny to continue to eat an omnivorous diet?”

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