#317: Understanding Diet & Heart Disease Risk

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In This Episode We Discuss

This episode is a supplemental/follow-up episode to the 'Diet & Cardiovascular Disease' Series of Sigma Statements. If you have not read those statements, you can find them here:

  1. Cholesterol, Lipoproteins & Lipids: Understanding CVD Risk
  2. The Impact of Diet on Blood Lipids
  3. How Diet Influences Heart Disease Risk

In this podcast Danny and Alan will be re-capping the main important points from each statement, in addition to addressing follow-up questions or potential conflicting points.

We'll cover issues such as:

  • Does ApoB testing make LDL-C irrelevant?
  • "I heard PUFA/omega-6 increases inflammation and therefore should be restricted. Is this true?"
  • Issues with the Sydney Diet Heart Study
  • How does insulin resistance impact lipoportein levels?
  • And more

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