#273: Bryan Chung, MD, PhD – Dealing with Science Overwhelm & Improving Your Relationship with Research

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Guest Bio

Bryan Chung, MD

Bryan Chung is a methodologist who improves people’s relationship with science. He is a plastic/hand surgeon and PhD research designer. The biggest compliment he’s ever received was from his mentor while in residency. After winning the award for Best Paper by a Resident at a worldwide congress in plastic surgery, his professor said, “You deserve this award because, after four years, I finally understand what you’re talking about.” Bryan has been getting better at helping people understand what he’s talking about since. He won’t shut up about evidence-based practice, and sometimes is invited to not shut up about it by important people and institutions globally.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Bryan's advice column for people who have "relationship problems with Science”
  • If things merely confirm what you are already doing, why you should filter it out
  • How to determine what is practically meaningful from a study
  • The importance of establishing what the research question is
  • How to deal with the daunting nature of statistics in research
  • Why you're already good enough to start engaging with research

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