SNR #262: Trevor Kashey, PhD – Thoughts on Science, Learning & Nutrition Practice

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Guest Bio

Trevor Kashey, PhD

Trevor received a PhD in Biochemistry from the Univerisity of Arizona at the age of 23. Previous to that he completed his undergraduate degree whilst still in high school.

He currently is the owner of Trevor Kashey Nutrition, where he works with an array of different people. Previous to that he was an owner of Relentless Dietetics.

Trevor has competed in strongman and bodybuilding in the past, and has been the nutrition consultant to many athletes in those sports and other strength-based sports.

Trevor is a lover of learning, science and critical thinking.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Trevor’s early interest in science
  • Getting into research and graduate work at a young age
  • Molding of his fascination with science and his discovery of bodybuilding
  • How scientific thinking influenced his life
  • Why how you think and solve problems is more important than the specific topic you study

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