#261: Ari Snaevarsson – Eating Disorder Recovery, Body Positivity & Intuitive Eating

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Guest Bio

Ari Snaevarsson

Ari Snaevarsson is a nutrition coach who works primarily with clients who suffer from disordered eating patterns. He also works as a dietetic technician at a residential eating disorder treatment center. In both capacities, he helps clients develop positive relationships with food and their bodies. His book, 100 Days of Food Freedom, outlines a simple, day-by-day process to recovery from one's eating disorder.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Commonalitites in recovery from the various eating disorders
  • Defining recovery
  • The factors that may increase the probability of that recovery being a success
  • Critical nature of support systems
  • How you can support a friend/family member recovering from an eating disorder
  • Modification of environment and lifestyle
  • Goal setting: what metrics can be assessed on an ongoing basis?
  • Understanding relapses accurately
  • Cognitive dietary restraint – dieting messages from the diet industry
  • Body-positive, intuitive eating approach
  • Health At Every Size (HAES) - misinterpretations and misconceptions


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