SNR #238: Andi & Alex Pürzel – Behind Intelligent Strength

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Guest Bio

Andreas & Alex Pürzel

Andi and Alex are the guys behind Intelligent Strength, a company that produces education on strength training and body composition through seminars and books. The brothers also have a gym in Vienna, Austria; Das Gym.

Das Gym is a truly unique place. And when you talk to Alex & Andi you immediately understand why.  The gym opened in 2016 and it’s hard to imagine there being another place like it on the planet.

Andi has a long career as a coach and educator. As an athlete he first competed in strongman and powerlifting, and in more recent years has competed in bodybuilding.

Alex, in addition to his work with Intelligent Strength, also works as a physical education teacher at a school in Vienna. As an athlete, he has competed in powerlifting for a long-time. This has included competing at several IPF world championships and winning Gold in the deadlift at the European championships.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Alex and Andi’s childhood influences
  • What got them into lifting weights
  • Experiences as coaches and athletes
  • Lessons training can teach you about life
  • What the goals of Intelligent Strength are

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