SNR #216: Andy Morgan – Experiences & Philosophies of a World-Class Coach

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Episode 216: Andy Morgan is back on the show to discuss a whole host of topics related to coaching, fitness and learning.

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Guest Bio

Andy Morgan

Andy is the founder of and an online coach. He co-authored the Muscle & Strength Pyramids books along with Dr. Eric Helms and Andrea Valdez. He has published a host of excellent nutrition and training resources in the form of ebooks, articles and podcasts, which can be found on the Ripped Body website. Born in the UK, Andy has been living in Japan for over a decade, currently residing in Tokyo.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Current projects Andy is working on
  • Characteristics of great coaches
  • Developing a framework for client success
  • Learning from experiences regardless of outcome
  • How excitement and philosophies change with experience in fitness
  • Interpreting studies more effectively
  • Lessons learned from Mike Tuchscherer
  • How past experiences and culture have influenced Andy as a coach and person

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