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SNR #14: Dean Dwyer ~ Why you’re not making progress & how to set yourself up for success

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Episode 14: Author of Make Shift Happen, Dean Dwyer, is on the show to talk about how to create habits that will set you up for success and create a life you love.

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Guest Bio

Dean Dwyer


For the first 45 years of his life Dean was trapped in a body he could not change, stuck in a job he did not like and living a life he did not love.

He has managed to design solutions to solve all of those problems.

Over on his site (, his content is dedicated to teaching others what he has learned so they they can acquire the skills necessary to stop struggling and start living the life they want.

He is also the host of the hugely successful Make Shift Happen show (see links below), as well as being a speaker at various events, such as the Paleo f(x) conference.

In This Show We Discuss:

  •  The “Make Shift Happen” concept
  • “You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that caused it”
  • Consistency, chronic inconsistency and being consistently perfect
  • Thinking in terms of behaviours vs. outcomes
  • Starting to change vs. long-term sustainability
  • Feeling guilty for “messing up”
  • Practical steps to take to approach change

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