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Traumatic Brain Injury & Dietary Interventions

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Here we will discuss some of the common underlying neurochemical and metabolic responses to TBI, even though each instance of TBI is unique and affected people exhibit varied degrees of impairment, distinct areas of damage, and different recovery profiles. It may be possible to identify supporting nutritional therapeutic options for early intervention by recognising these recurring features.

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Can Fasting Increase Longevity?

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One propsed intervention that has garnered a lot of excitement, owing to some interesting research, is the potential use of fasting to increase longevity and/or healthspan. Within this broad category, various different dietary interventions have been suggested, including various forms of intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, dietary restriction of certain nutritients, calorie restriction or a “fasting-mimicking” diet.
But what does the current evidence tell us? Do the conclusions match the excitement? Which claims are grounded in solid science and which ones are pseudoscientific extrapolations?

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Vitamin D and COVID-19: What Do We Know?

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Vitamin D deficiency has been proposed to play a role in coronavirus infection. In addition, vitamin D supplementation has been explored as a potential adjunct treatment for those with severe COVID-19 infection. This Sigma Statement aims to summarize the available evidence regarding the potential role of vitamin D status, vitamin D genotypes and vitamin D supplementation and the risk of COVID-19 infection and mortality.

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What Are Sigma Statements?

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I’m delighted to announce a new resource that we are making available to you: the Sigma Statements! A Sigma Statement will be written piece that gives a clear walk though and explanation of the current evidence on a specific nutritional science topic, with the aim of having you come away with a clearer and more nuanced understanding of some of the most important (and often hotly debated) topics in nutrition and health. Although they will discuss science, reseach and link to relevant studies, the statements are written with the aim of not being too difficult to read or engage with. …