AMA: Coconut Oil, Raw Oats, Collagen, & More! (SNP 25)

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Questions Answered in This Epsiode:

  1. [02:16] How would you implement a calorie surplus for “bulking” in healthy trainees without compromising their health markers?
  2. [15:25] If you were to advise someone with a heavy workload and busy schedule on how to establish the 80/20 of a healthy lifestyle, what would you tell them?
  3. [24:36] Is coconut oil good or bad? What about claims that it cures cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.?
  4. [33:25] In the circumstance in which an individual has a normal ApoB yet an elevated LDL particle number, which value is more representative of risk?
  5. [41:39] Should you supplement in order to reach 100% of RDA for micronutrients?
  6. [46:35] Are raw oats a good ingredient to add to smoothies? Do they need to be cooked?
  7. [51:58] Is there any research supporting whether or not diet really impacts oral thrush?
  8. [55:21] Is there any benefit to supplemental collagen?

AMA: Danny Lennon

Danny Lennon has a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork, and he is the founder of Sigma Nutrition.

Danny is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Sports Nutrition Association, the global regulatory body responsible for the standardisation of best practice in the sports nutrition profession.

  • Baraki, BBM article: Where should my priorities be to improve my health?
  • Collagen studies mentioned:
    • 2018 RCT: Neither whey nor collagen protein supplementation could prevent lean  mass loss during inactivity in older individuals. However, only whey  augmented lean mass upon recovery. Collagen not much good for anything! – 
    • 2022 RCT: Whey Protein Supplementation Is Superior to Leucine-Matched Collagen Peptides to Increase Muscle Thickness During a 10-Week Resistance Training Program in Untrained Young Adults
    • 2023 RCT – Aussieker et al (Luc van Loon’s group) – Collagen Protein Ingestion during Recovery from Exercise Does Not Increase Muscle Connective Protein Synthesis Rates

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