#527: How to Prevent & Treat Hypertension – Dr. Mohammed Alo, DO

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Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is a silent yet prevalent health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. Often going unnoticed until significant damage has been done, hypertension can lead to severe cardiovascular complications if not properly managed.

Mechanistically, the causes of hypertension are complex, involving both genetic and lifestyle factors. The management of hypertension presents multifaceted challenges, encompassing both pharmaceutical treatments and lifestyle modifications.

From a prevention and management standpoint, understanding the interplay between genetics and lifestyle is crucial. This raises several important questions…

  • To what extent do genetic factors contribute to hypertension risk compared to lifestyle choices, and how does this interaction influence disease progression?
  • What role does lifestyle play in managing hypertension, and is there evidence supporting the influence of specific dietary patterns and nutrients, particularly sodium and potassium, on blood pressure control?
  • How do exercise and physical activity impact blood pressure, and what types of exercise are most beneficial for individuals with or at risk of hypertension?
  • What are the main categories of antihypertensive medications, and how do these drugs work to lower blood pressure?
  • What are the potential side effects, and how should clinicians decide on the best treatment approach for individual patients?

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Mohammed Alo, a board-certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist, who will help us understand the intricacies of hypertension and how it can be effectively controlled.

Guest Information

Dr. Mohammed Alo, DO

Dr. Alo is a cardiologist based out of Ohio, USA. He is board certified in Cardiovascular Medicine
and Internal Medicine. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

Dr. Alo creates educational content related to cardiovascular disease prevention, management and treatment across various social media channels and lectures.


  • 03:28 Dr. Alo’s Background and Expertise
  • 08:40 Understanding Blood Pressure and Its Implications
  • 10:26 Causes and Diagnosis of High Blood Pressure
  • 12:42 Lifestyle Modifications and Treatment Options
  • 30:26 Medications for Blood Pressure Management
  • 38:34 Combination Therapy and Patient Variability
  • 43:11 Debunking Myths About Sodium and Blood Pressure
  • 57:29 Exercise and Lifestyle Interventions

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  1. I wasn’t particularly expecting it, but this was SUCH a good episode! Dr Alo is an entire delight 😀

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