#398: Carole Hooven, PhD – Testosterone: Behavioural Endocrinology & Sex Differences

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Carole Hooven, PhD

Carole Hooven, PhD, is lecturer and codirector of undergraduate studies in the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. She earned her PhD at Harvard, studying behavioral endocrinology and evolution of sex differences in humans (physiology, behavior and cognition). She has recently written a book on how testosterone influences behaviour and explains many sex differences. The book is titled 'T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us'.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. The role of testosterone in humans
  2. Differences in average levels between sexes
  3. How differences in testosterone levels can explain differences in behaviour
  4. Intra-sex differences: men with high vs. low testosterone levels
  5. Current research on how hormone therapy impacts transgender people
  6. How understanding endocrinology can change how people view the world and interact with others

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