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SNR #10: Bill Lagakos, PhD – The Poor, Misunderstood Calorie

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Episode 10: Author of The Poor, Misunderstood Calorie Dr. Bill Lagakos comes on the show to discuss exactly why the calorie topic is so complex and confusing.

Guest Bio
Dr. Bill Lagakos


I’ll let Bill introduce himself:

I have a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology with a focus on obesity, inflammation, and insulin resistance (here’s a list of my publications).  My blog is about energy balance; including everything from foods and dietary patterns to hormones and weight loss… calories proper.  I’m passionate about this field and I hope you enjoy the blog.

Sometimes I think faster than I type, so some of the stuff about energy balance, insulin resistance, and how they apply to body composition might seem unclear.  I wrote a book to more thoroughly explain these concepts in a variety of different contexts (with plenty of examples).  A lot of the fundamentals can be found right here in earlier blog posts, but if you’d like a condensed version all in one place: The poor, misunderstood calorie.  Or you can email me:

In This Show We Discuss:

  •  The difference between the calories we eat and the calories we expend as energy
  • Educating people about dietary quality rather than calorie counting
  • Effect of eating two meals of the same calorie content but have different metabolic effects
  • Nutrient Timing
  • The mechanisms of carb-backloading and scientific basis
  • Is there one “best” approach to nutrition?
  • Calories do matter but why calorie counting is so inaccurate
  • Metabolism whilst in ketosis
  • Ketogenic diets for athletes
  • The need for more studies on ketogenic athletes
  • Carbohydrate refeeds and cyclical ketogenic diets
  • The premise behind Bill’s book “TPMC”
  • One thing to pay attention everyday to that can improve your health

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