Coaching & Support Options

We have four different options of support based on your circumstances and needs:

  1. Premium Coaching – This is our renowned coaching service where you will work one-on-one with one of the Sigma Nutrition coaches.
  2. Strength Athlete Nutrition Guidance – This service is for strength trainees who do not want full one-on-one coaching, but rather just a guiding hand to give you some structure and advice. It is aimed at those training in powerlifting or weightlifting.
  3. Combat Sport Athletes – We offer (and recommend) premium long-term coaching to combat sport athletes but also offer shorter term options to just cover a fight camp period or for the final weight cut in the week leading up to weigh-in. All these options are explained in the combat sport athletes tab below.
  4. One-Time Skype Call – For those who don’t want ongoing coaching but would still like to avail of our expertise, we offer single Skype sessions to cover whatever topic you want. It could be to discuss a series of questions, explain concepts you want more understanding of, or to give advice on your current situation and practices.