Danny’s Policies

I get a lot of requests for various different things. Whether it’s requests for input on a project, request to speak at a conference, pitches to be on the podcast, etc.

And I’m very grateful for every single enquiry. But my urge to say yes to lots of things is a problem. And so I have to actively put systems in place to ensure I don’t spread myself too thin, and prevent the quality of my work being diluted.

Therefore, I have decided that I can’t make decisions on a case-by-case basis. So below I have laid out some concrete policies I will now be sticking to, no exceptions. So if you have a request but it goes against any of these policies, it will have to be an automatic “no” from me, no matter how much I want to do it. Hopefully you understand and respect this stance. And I believe the way to command the most respect is to be completely transparent and have a set of policies that take my personal decision making out of the equation as much as possible.

Policy for Invitations to Speak at Events

I love speaking at conferences and truly appreciate every conference/event that I’m asked to present at. I do not speak for free. This policy is unfortunately a non-negotiable. I am aware that there are many great events for good causes or for schools/organizations with limited budgets. And whilst I’d love to help in many of these cases, I have made a clear policy that I will only speak at events that provide a fee that is line with my current speaker fee. If you wish to discuss this, email me and I’ll send you a price list.

Policy for Pitches to be on Sigma Nutrition Radio

I get a lot of pitches from various PR companies and individuals with regard to being a guest on Sigma Nutrition Radio. And whilst I appreciate that the podcast is seen as such an attractive platform for people, I have made a strict policy to say “no” to all pitches to be on the podcast. This is for two reasons: 1) to cut down on the time required to respond to pitch emails, and 2) to ensure that all guests are people I personally want and am familiar with. It’s not a no forever, but rather I will select the guests in time, rather than respond to requests.

Policy for Internship/Work Placement Requests

Unfortunately, until further notice Sigma Nutrition will not be taking on any students wishing to do a work experience placement or internship. Whilst I’d love to help more students, current time and structural limitations mean I couldn’t offer the value I’d want for such a position. So I appreciate your faith in Sigma being somewhere you’d like to gain experience, but unfortunately the current policy is to say no to all such requests.

Policy for Sharing Content 

From time to time people reach out to me asking for me to share articles/videos they have produced. My current policy is to ignore these emails. I will share content that I have read/watched myself and that I like. If you come across a cool article, then feel free to pass it on to me. But please don’t email me requesting I share your article.

Policy for Backlinking to Articles

Due to the volume of shitty marketing emails requesting me to link to an article/website in one of my articles, I have to make this policy clear. I will refuse ALL requests to backlink to articles.

Policy for Athlete Sponsorship or Sponsored Coaching Clients

Sigma Nutrition will not be providing any athletes/coaching recipients with sponsored or free services.