Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching

If you’re considering working with Sigma Nutrition to improve some aspect of your diet, then that likely means you’re looking for trustworthy, evidence-based, and competent guidance.

You’re not looking for cookie-cutter diet plans, copy-and-paste transformation programs, or low-cost low-interaction “coaching”.

At Sigma Nutrition, our emphasis is on:

  • Being evidence-informed coaches: That means knowing what the evidence says, whilst not forgetting about the individual
  • Responding to actual data: You recommendations are guided by how you respond, by your life circumstances, and by how you feel
  • Promoting client autonomy: We don’t bark demands at you. We collaborate and discuss with you, coming to a mutually agreed upon plan of action. The process is led by you, we’re there to guide.
  • Coaching the whole person: We don’t prescribe you nutrients like a machine. We communicate with you like the individual, complex, whole human being that you are.

How We Help

Through discussion and investigation we identify the bottle neck to your progess.

This differs by individual. For you, you may benefit with help in some of these areas but not in others.

  • Knowledge
  • Structure
  • Accountability
  • Fine-tuning details

We make sure you have a process tailored to what you need.

The Service

  • Every week you have a formal check-in with your coach
    • You can choose between email or video check-ins.
  • Each day you will have metrics to track.
    • The metrics tracked will be dependant on the individual’s needs (e.g. for some this may be calories, for others it may simply be time in bed or servings of vegetables).
  • Each week you will have some clear objectives, meaning you go into each day knowing exactly what to do.
  • After the coach has responded to the check-in, you have another opportunity to clarify anything or ask any remaining questions.
  • Continue as long as you need/wish to.

The Coaching Process

  • Book an Initial Consultation Call
  • Have Call with Coach
  • Receive Inital Recommendations
  • Update Coach Weekly
  • Collaborate with Coaching About Ongoing Plan
  • Achieve Results


Coaching directly with Danny costs €225 per month, with a €70 one-time set-up fee (i.e. €295 for the first month, then €225 thereafter).

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