#404: Prof. Marion Hetherington – Psychology and Development of Food Preference & Eating Behaviour

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Guest Information


Prof. Marion Hetherington

Prof. Marion Hetherington is Professor of Biopsychology at University of Leeds, where her research is focused on the psychology of appetite across the lifespan. She has previously been at Johns Hopkins, the NIH, the University of Dundee, University of Liverpool and Glasgow Caledonian University, before taking up her role in Leeds in 2008, where she works within the Human Appetite Research Unit.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. The psychobiological approach to human appetite
  2. The development of food preferences in infancy
  3. The ‘learned safety’ hypothesis predicting increased liking for orosensory stimuli that are repeatedly paired with a positive outcome
  4. Food aversions
  5. Studying infant's facial cues
  6. “Food cravings” from a psychological perspective
  7. Psychological factors driving overconsumption

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