#373: Alcohol & Health: Is Zero Better Than Some?

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Today's Topic in Focus:  [03:40]

In this episode Danny and Alan discuss the health impacts of alcohol and take a look at the research to answer whether alcohol should be viewed as having a J-shaped curve of risk or zero alcohol being better than any amount.

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"I Have a Question!"  [53:45]

Today's listener questions:

  1. Hannah: What is the process involving glutamate that leads to "the fear" that comes with a hangover? Is there some way through supplementation to attenuate this effect after drinking?
  2. Hannah: What are the health implications (immediate and long-term) of consuming over ripened fruit, sourdough bread or fermented foods which contain trace amounts of alcohol? Should people who are pregnant avoid foods that may contain trace amounts of alcohol?
  3. Richard Ellis: How does alcohol at bedtime affect intermittent fasting?
Random Recommendations [62:14]

Alan's Recommendation: Angrynomics with Mark Blyth

Danny's Recommendation: Filled with Science, but Unscientific - Eric Helms

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