Tweets That You Should Pay Attention To…

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Tweets That You Should Pay Attention To…

[I’m working on a MAJOR post at the moment but it’s taking up a LOT of time, with hours of research and writing going into it. Hopefully it will be published later in the month. So in order to get a post out in the meantime, I thought I’d spare you my usual lengthy, dense posts in favour of a short, quick and easy-to-digest post… don’t get used to it! :-)]

Twitter can be a noisy, content-dense mess to navigate a lot of the time.

But sometimes, some pretty profound things can be said. Unfortunately it usually either gets lost amongst all the social media noise, or we consume it so quickly that we don’t take time to really listen to what’s being said.

I thought I’d highlight some Tweets from the past year that I personally thought carried an important message that we might sometimes forget. I’ve broken them into 3 categories:

1. Nutrition & Health

2. Education, Knowledge & Science

3. Life

Which of the Tweets below speaks to you the most???

Nutrition & Health


Education, Knowledge & Science