Who is the Nutrition Guidance Program For?

The Sigma Nutrition Guidance Program was developed for those training or competing in powerlifting or weightlifting who want to make sure their nutrition is aiding their strength goals, but who can not take a position on our Premium Coaching roster

Sigma’s Premium Coaching has athletes work one-on-one with a coach to develop an indivualized plan of action, constant private interaction and in-depth personal check-ins and consults. But given this intensive service, it means that we can only accommodate a small number of individuals for Premium Coaching and the cost reflects that intensive level of service.

So for those strength athletes who don’t want full coaching, the Strength Athlete Guidance Program might be a good fit.

How Does It Work?

With the nutriton guidance program you will have your nutrition programming overseen by a Sigma Nutrition coach. Based on your body composition and strength goals, you’ll receive advice on how to eat to work towards those. You’ll have access to the Sigma Nutrition resources, including our tracking sheet that measures your progress and allows us to suggest dietary changes to maintain optimal progress. You will also be able to submit any questions you have to your coach, who will answer them in a weekly group Q&A video.

Who Do You Work With?

We’ve worked with lifters all the way from new trainees preparing for their first meet all the way up to world record holders and medalists at IPF Worlds. Several of our current roster have hit new PRs, moved to new weight classes and qualified for world championships since starting with us.

Key Benefits

  • Structure

    Know exactly how to set up your diet across the day and week to maximize training performance and recovery

  • Clarity

    Get crystal clear on both what to do and where you are going. No more second-guessing your diet or whether you’ll make weight or not!

  • Progress Measurement

    Access the Sigma Tracking Tool to make it easy to see how you’re progressing and receive feedback from your guidance coach on what changes to make

  • Specifc Advice

    Our coaches have expertise working specifically with stength sport athletes and understand the demands of training and competition. Our advice is specific for those who train in powerlifting or weightlifting.

How to Get Started

  • Click “Apply for Guidance Program” button below
  • Fill out application form and click submit
  • Your assigned coach will contact you within 48 hours
  • You’ll be set up on our system where you can access all resources
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions and start your progress towards great results!
Pricing: €20 p/w