Fighter Nutrition & Weight Cut Plan Options

Option #1: Long-Term Coaching (12 – 52 weeks)

This option is for athletes who want to work with one of our coaches year round. Payment is made weekly and updates/changes are made at each weekly check-in. This service is €45 per week (or €55 p/w for nutrition + S&C). It has a minimum of 12 weeks commitment.

Option #2: Full Fight Camp Nutrition & Weight Cut Coaching (8 weeks)

This option is to work with a coach for the 8 weeks leading up to your fight. This will set you up to diet to required leanness, perform well in training and then finally the specific weight cut protocol in the final 10-12 days before the fight. This is a one-time payment of €380.

Option #3: Final Weight Cut Protocol Only (10 day plan)

This is a customized weight cut protocol designed for you that shows you exactly what to do for the final 10 days before the fight in order to cut weight effectively. Recommendations on water, carbs, fibre, sodium and meal choices are all given. This is a one-time payment of €200.

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Common Questions

Q: What option do you recommend for me?

A: It really depends on what you feel you need, your current level of knowledge, how much you value nutrition and how much you’re willing to invest. Obviously for the guaranteed best results in the long-term then working with a performance nutritionist through one-to-one coaching year round is likely to be the best option. However, you may feel that your overall nutrition is solid and you just need some guidance to dial in the fine details during the course of either a fight camp or just the final weight cut protocol.


Q: I can’t afford any of these options. Is there anything else that could help?

A: For a more cost-effective solution, you can purchase the Sigma Weight Cutting System for MMA & Boxing for €39. Full details are here:


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