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One Year of Sigma Nutrition Radio!

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Episode 62: To celebrate the one year anniversary of the show, Danny looks back on some of the best bits of the show from the past 61 episodes.


Episode Featured in This Episode 

In Order:

  1. Laurent Bannock ~ Nutrition education, personalisation and periodization
  2. Eric Helms ~ Dieting, Macros & Critical Thinking for Physique and Strength Athletes
  3. Dr. Spencer Nadolsky – Lifestyle medicine, doctor-bashing, and the sensible approach to carbs & fat
  4. Dr. Mike Israetel – All You Need To Know About Nutrient Timing
  5. Dr. Mike T. Nelson ~ Metabolic Flexibility & Performance-Based Fat Loss
  6. Abbie Smith-Ryan ~ Performance supplementation, high intensity training & chronic low-calorie dieting
  7. Dr. Karl Nadolsky – Understanding Testosterone, Thyroid & the Adrenals
  8. Menno Henselmans – Refeeds, Body Recomposition & Non-Linear Diets
  9. Martin MacDonald – Fat Burning vs. Fat Loss, Fasted Cardio & Low-Glycogen Training
  10. Dr. Bryan Walsh – Cortisol & The Myth of Adrenal Fatigue
  11. Alex Viada – Nutrition & Hydration For Concurrent Training
  12. Dr. Bryan Chung – Calories, Protein Synthesis vs. Hypertrophy & Evidence-Based Fitness
  13. Brian St. Pierre – Carb Intakes for Health & Performance
  14. Dr. Jose Antonio ~ Nutrient timing, high-protein diets & supplement myths
  15. Dr. Bill Willis – Antioxidants, Exercise Performance & the Adaptive Response to Training
  16. Ryan Lowery – HMB For Insane Mass and Strength Gains? Facts Behind The Study

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