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SNR #60: Dino Camire – Body Image, Eating Carbs & Playing the Long Game

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Episode 60: Dino Camire is on the show to discuss acute vs. chronic adaptations to dieting, body image, striving for perfection, performance-based goals and why it’s important to transition off a diet.


Guest Bio

Dino Camire



Dino is a strength and conditioning coach from Winniped, MB., Canada, logging over 15,000 hours of hand-on, in-the-trenches coaching.

He has a B.A. in physical anthropology, as well as experience as a research assistant in the kinesiology lab at the University of Manitoba.

He also has a strong martial arts background; being a judo blackbelt as well as a former pro MMA fighter.

He competes as a natural bodybuilder, placing 2nd at the INBF Natural Bodybuilding competition and 1st in the IDFA competition in June 2014.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Acute changes vs. chronic adaptations
  • Body image and striving for perfection
  • Performance-based goals
  • How to transition off a diet
  • Steps to ensure sustained, consistent results
  • Real-world success examples
  • How ladies got to eating 300g of carbs of day and dropping body fat
  • The battle in changing misconceptions around nutrition
  • Non-purging bulimia

Links & Resources:

Dino Camire on Twitter

Episode 12 with Mike T. Nelson

Danny’s online workshop: Determining Calorie & Macronutrient Targets

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