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SNR #47: Dr. Dan Stickler – Nutrigenetics, Testosterone & Human Potential Medicine

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Episode 47: Dr. Dan Stickler is on the show to talk about genetic testing, methylation, living until 140 years old, testosterone replacement and human potential medicine.


Guest Bio

 Dr. Dan Stickler 


Dr. Daniel Stickler is the Medical Director at the Physiologix Wellness Institute in Charleston, WV, USA.

Dr. Stickler trained in allopathic medicine and held board certification in General Surgery for more than ten years; performing general and vascular surgery as well as over 3,000 gastric bypass weight loss procedures. He had a thriving surgical practice and was a specialist in weight loss, treating over 10,000 clients in both the surgical practice and at the wellness institute.


The busier he became the more he began to realize that true health is not a result of pharmaceuticals and stainless steel. He discovered that the clients at the wellness institute were making remarkable progress through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle counseling and hormone optimization. Not only were they resolving disease, they were optimizing health, regaining vitality, improving neuro-cognitive status and creating lasting changes.

This realization led him to the understanding that he could leave the old methods behind and fully embrace the new paradigm of health optimization. He retired from surgery and now knows that each individual has within them the ability to achieve optimal health and live a life full of vitality. He works closely with each client to develop individualized treatment regimens and provides extensive guidance throughout the year to assist the client in achieving their goals.

Dr. Stickler is an avid outdoor enthusiast who thrives on rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking and world adventure travel. He is a member of the Wilderness Medicine Society, Age Management Medicine Group and is CrossFit Level 1 certified and trained in Mountain Athlete.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dr. Stickler’s move from surgery to human potential medicine
  • Individualized health/medicine
  • Nutrigenetics and genetic testing
  • MTHFR mutatations and the methylation cycle
  • Folate and B-12 supplementation
  • Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
  • Low testosterone in men and using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)
  • Low testosterone in women and the many problems it leads to
  • Telomeres, anti-ageing and longevity
  • Could we really live to 140 years old?
  • The best lab tests that you should get yearly to monitor health

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