Mike Samuels – Restrictive vs. Flexible Dieting

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Episode 44: Mike Samuels of Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting is on the show to discuss restrictive vs. flexible dieting, our common transition from neurotic eating to sustainable nutrition, how to eat whilst travelling or working on the road, how to eliminate binges and how to enjoy life!

Guest Bio

Mike Samuels

Mike Samuels is a personal trainer and diet coach based in the UK. He has written for a whole host of sites including BioLayne, Livestrong and EliteFTS.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Mike’s journey from overweight “Paleo Mike” to being shredded whilst being able to enjoy eating ice cream & Subway
  • Why diets often fail or lead to binges
  • How to recognize restrictive dieting
  • How to maintain good nutrition & training habits whilst travelling or working on the road
  • Behavioural psychology aspects to dieting
  • Should YOU count macros or not?
  • Practical tips that Mike uses with clients to set them up for success

Links & Resources:


Layne Norton

Lichtman et al. – Discrepancy between self-reported and actual caloric intake and exercise in obese subjects

Mike’s Twitter

Danny’s Twitter


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