#309: Ciaran O’ Regan – Epistemology, Ignorance Navigation & the Error-Correcting Machinery of Science

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Guest Bio

Ciaran O’ Regan

Ciaran O’ Regan is currently a strength & conditioning coach in Cork, Ireland, predominantly working with rugby teams.  He recently began a Professional Doctorate under John Kiely of University of Central Lancashire.

Ciaran has a BSc. in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Limerick. Ciaran also works online with combat sport athletes on their nutrition and fight preparation here at Sigma Nutrition.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • What is ignorance navigation?
  • Uncertainty and scientific thinking
  • How “science” has different meaning based on the context
  • Problems when people are using different definitions within the same discussion
  • Science is an error-correcting technology
  • How do we use better thinking in our lives?
  • Can studying philosophy, economics and epistemology make you a better coach?
  • Memento mori

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