For combat sport athletes, we offer three different levels of support based on your circumstances:

  1. Ongoing Long-term Coaching –  This is our recommended option for serious athletes looking to get the best possible results over their career. This allows us to build a deep coach-client relationship, learn how you are individually affected by certain protocols and build long-term plans in a periodized and methodical manner. Here we can build nutrition habits, maximize performance and recovery year-round, manage body composition more effectively, and set the athlete up for more productive fight camps and weight cuts. This service has a minimum of 12 weeks commitment.
  2. Fight Camp Coaching – This option is for athletes who only want short-term coaching in the lead up to a competition. This provides you coaching for up to 8 weeks before competition. Here we will provide nutrition recommendations for that time frame as well as manage your final weight cut protocol. Note that the success of the program will be affected by what condition you are in on starting coaching, hence why we prefer long-term coaching options where we can manage your body composition when you don’t have a competition coming up.
  3. Weight Cut Protocol – This option is not a coaching service. Rather based on your individual data we collect via a consulation, we will construct a plan for the final 7-10 days before your competition that we feel will help you make weight in the most productive manner possible. You will receive the detailed plan and can ask some follow-up questions. However note, that on fight week we may not be able to respond quickly. We can only guarantee rapid feedback for ongoing long-term atheltes.

One-Time Weight Cut Plan


One-Time Fee
  • Individualized plan for weight cut
  • Protocol based on the Sigma Weight Cutting System
  • Gives recommendations for the final 7-10 days before competition

Fight Camp Nutrition Coaching


One-Time Fee
  • Up to 8 weeks camp pre-fight/competition
  • Weekly coaching
  • Dieting recommendations throughout camp
  • Individualized plan for weight cut on fight week

If you don’t want individual coaching but still want to improve your own nutrition and weight making strategy, then you can purchase the Sigma Weight Cutting System for MMA & Boxing.

This is a complete blueprint of exactly what to do. It includes a digital book, supporting resoruces (like sample fight week meal options) and our “Weight Cut Customizer Tool” that allows you to work out water, carbohydrate and sodium targets based on your specific weight class and size of the cut.