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Examining 8 Claims Made About Foam Rolling, Myofascial Release & the “Back Baller”

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Introduction: As scientists, it is in our nature to question claims made by others and demand evidence to support such statements. It is only by questioning and engaging in meaningful conversation that we progress our understanding of the world around us and as humans. If people did not question we would still all live in fear of travelling too close to the edge of our flat earth, or would continue to poison ourselves with mercury trying to cure syphilis and typhoid. Nothing should be beyond being critiqued. And anyone who makes claims publicly, opens themselves up to questioning, with the …

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Is Manual Therapy Just a Waste of Time?

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This is a guest post by Dr. Paul McCarroll, clinical lead at PMC Performance. Paul has graduated with degrees in both medicine and physiotherapy, is currently working as a Junior Doctor and is a fully qualified physiotherapist. Paul takes an evidence-based approach to injury and pain management. He works with a wide range of high-level athletes in international athletics, rugby, cricket and powerlifting. Paul himself is an AIL rugby player with the famous Garryowen RFC in Limerick, Ireland.  “What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?” – Monty Python Whilst I’m sure that some will disagree with this post, I …